About Us

Our Story

When Great-Great-Grandad started farming, all he knew was the organic way. They were simpler times before factories and companies ran farms. A time when families worked side by side and came to the dinner table together to enjoy fresh organic produce and each other’s company. At Bantry Organic, that’s the way we still do things.

Three generations live together on the farm at Bantry, that’s six adults, six kids and four working dogs! On sunset it’s not unusual to find a dozen noisy family members (and whoever else we can find) on the verandah together, enjoying a chicken dinner. There’s exactly twenty of us when the three generations gather from our different farms and just as well, many hands make light work.

This isn’t new, it’s been happening for generations on both sides of the family. Andrew Youngberry is now the Grandad and as the patriarch, overseas three of his four children and two son-in-laws working on the farm. After school and on the school holidays he gathers as many of his 11 grandchildren as possible to work on the farm; handling the newly hatched chickens is always a favourite job!

We farm the way we do because caring for the environment and growing quality organic crops and livestock is never outdated, and it’s in our genes!

On both sides of the family we’ve been farming for generations! We let our birds roam free, grow the best certified organic feed and respect the land. We always do things sustainably so our family can continue to farm (and gather around a chicken dinner) for

generations to come.

We know your family will love eating our chicken as much as we love farming it.